Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth has been providing chimney sweeping services in the Northeast since 1989. 

We sell, install, inspect and service a wide range of stoves, inserts and fireplaces - including gas, wood and pellet.

We also service all types of chimney flues for all types of fuels. 

Owner and operator Mark Jones is a NFI Certified Master Hearth Professional
What We Do
Clean chimneys don't catch fire. Chimney fires are caused when the creosote present in the chimney ignites. A chimney fire can be small, and over quickly, or raging. Either way a chimney fire can damage your chimney, and your home.
All chimneys need annual inspections. Inspections cover not only whether or not a chimney needs cleaning but also safety and fire code compliance. We follow the National Fire Protection Agency nationwide standard for inspections.
We will help you to determine what can be installed into your home that will accomplish your goals. We want you to be happy with every aspect of your purchase: how the product looks, how well it works, and how safely it was installed.
Fire investigation and documentation for chimney, vent or hearth appliance related fires for insurance or real estate litigation for companies and individuals. We provide investigative services throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.
Our installation process includes all chimneys, liners, tear-down, construction, walls, flooring, hearth pads, mantels, tile, stonework ... anything from a simple installation to a major renovation, or new construction.
Our classes are designed to help you increase your productivity, the services you can offer your customers, and your bottom line.
  1. David Turner
    David Turner, employee. David has been our full time employee for over 10 years. He is also an NFI Certified Master Hearth Professional.
  1. Mark Jones
    Mark Jones, owner. Mark has been in the chimney and hearth industry for 29 years. He is an NFI Certified Master Hearth Professional, and an NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialist.
  1. Laura Jones
    Laura Jones, office manager. Laura has been running the office since the business started in 1989.